Ed Handley – The Cornish Ballad

We are extremely happy to announce that Ed Handley (Warp Records) will compose the music to The Cornish Ballad.

Ed is a pioneer in the story of electronic music, enriching the atmosphere of electronica as a former member of The Black Dog, under the guise of Balil and as one half of Plaid with Andy Turner.
Ed has collaborated with singers Mara Carlyle, Nicolette and Björk, and released records on the labels Planet E, Clear, Peacefrog, Black Dog Productions, Warp Records and Trent Reznor’s label Nothing Records, as well as extensive remix work for many other artists including Autechre, Björk, Goldfrapp, Reload, Grandmaster Flash and The London Sinfonietta.
In 2006 Plaid composed and performed the original score to Michael Arias’s anime film Tekkon Kinkreet, rejoining Arias for his second feature, Heaven’s Door.

The Cornish Ballad is an on-going exploration into 21st century music, indigenous knowledge systems and sonic docu-poems, following on from our last production Nord Rute and Ed’s collaboration with Javanese musician Ruhayu Supanggah and the Southbank Gamelan Players.

http://www.plaid.co.uk, http://www.scintilli.com


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